October 30th

After talking to my dad last night, I have decided to start baking cakes.  I just need “Cooter” to buy them!  Witney Edwards made a beautiful cake for the Hallelujah Festival and it was bought for a wonderful cause. Our schedule has allowed us to spend more time at the feeding center over the past … More October 30th

October 28th

We are offering six-week English classes and/or computer classes at My Special Treasure School and Agua de Viva.  The purpose of the classes is to be an outreach for the school and the churches.  At the school we offer three computer classes and two English classes (I am hoping to offer an additional “advanced” English … More October 28th

Losing Focus

We have a lot to be thankful for the past four months, but we are still adjusting to life in a new culture and language. Several weeks ago I had the privilege to travel to with Tico Vargas and Benjamin LaBriel to participate in the Pastor’s Conference.  We traveled 15 hours in three days on … More Losing Focus

October 20th

We had the privilege to participate in the graduation ceremony of My Special Treasure School yesterday.  They always express their gratitude to GRACE Ministries.  We did not realize we would hand the students the diplomas and we were under dressed!  We are grateful they are forgiving towards North Americans. Our schedule is allowing us to … More October 20th

October 18th

We were able to spend yesterday traveling to El Garabato with Pastor Keith Martin from Kennedy Baptist Church.   Two different groups built houses in the community and Bro. Keith realized there is basically no church and no school in the village.  There is a group from a local town that evangelizes and ministers to … More October 18th

October 16th!

This blog is going to be picture overload!  I did a terrible job at posting every way we ministered with Danville Baptist last week, but Pastor Joe David does not believe in rest for the weary. The team was able to build and dedicate 6 houses for families directly involved in the feeding center or GRACE … More October 16th!

Zoo Fun!

Why did taking 87 Spanish-speaking kids with 12 English-speaking chaperones sound like a good idea?  The group of 87 energetic kids met the El Tejar square at 7:30 to enjoy a quick breakfast and load the buses.  It was obvious some of the parents were very nervous to allow their kids to travel to Guatemala … More Zoo Fun!

October 11th

A huge thank you to Mrs. June Bailey!  Somehow the Danville Baptist team managed to bring 6 homemade cakes made by Mrs. June.  Lemon, Blueberry, and Banana–They are delicious.  Soy’s favorite cake is banana, and Joe David brought him “real” hot dogs.  He was pumped.  Yesterday, I was eating lemon cake, drinking coffee, and writing … More October 11th

October 9th

We had a great weekend as Soy participated in a men’s conference at GRACE church, attended church, and taught English.  Mark Mast led the event for the men at the church, and Soy said it was a very powerful night.  GRACE ministries has found favor in the eyes of the local police and two of … More October 9th