Welcome MiMi!

As Soy and I were originally planning to go to live on the mission field, we were pretty sure that would mean an appointment somewhere on the other side of the world.  We were good with that if that was the will of God for our lives.  However, ever after basically spending entire Summer in … More Welcome MiMi!

August 23rd

As mentioned in our previous post, our main focus is to see people come to know Christ as their personal Lord and grow in their relationship with Him. However, one tool we will use to minister to the people is through teaching English. We will offer our first English class on September 10th. We will … More August 23rd

August 23rd

As Soy and I moved to Guatemala our driving force was to be in complete obedience to the Lord.  We definitely feel we are in the center of God’s will for our lives. Getting our feet wet by working with some of the teams, learning some customs (with a lot more to learn) and going … More August 23rd

Esvin’s Family

If you are part of the Friendship family then you should be familiar with the story of Esvin’s family.  Several months ago, Esvin’s father was not able to find work forcing them to move from the room they were renting.  They own a small piece of land, but do not have the funds to build … More Esvin’s Family

Happy Birthday Soy!

Happy Birthday Soy!  Life is definitely not boring with him!  He has made it clear that he does not enjoy the beach, drama, or shopping.  So God gave him three high-maintenance princesses and a “Type-A” personality wife!  He should have a fun, interesting life!

August 16th

The team invited our family to dinner last night along with a lot of other people who are involved in GRACE ministries.  They not only invited us to eat with them, but they were very gracious in serving us.  Juan Manuel’s family was invited also, and they thoroughly enjoyed it! Juan Manuel is trying really … More August 16th

August 14th

We had a good day at church yesterday!  The girls are adjusting better but Sydney is not adjusting to the loud music.  We are thinking noise-canceling headphones may be the answer!  The church had their first “dinner on the ground” as each family brought food to share with others–Tostados, Coffee, Cookies, and Tamales.  Everyone seemed … More August 14th

August 12th

Note: In the middle of writing a blog yesterday, we lost internet connection!  I am sure my dad is keeping score of how many days I miss! The familiarity of summer is officially over as we worked with our last summer team.  As we have watched everyone else return back to the normalcy of school, … More August 12th

August 9th

It was made possible for me to fly home to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday!  My dad, Soy, and I were the only ones who knew about the trip and it was worth keeping the secret.  I surprised my mom at the airport as it took her several minutes to get the shocked look off … More August 9th