Meals on Wheels!

We are making sure our families from the school are provided with food each week.  However, the needs around us continue to increase.   This week we decided to provide families with spaghetti and tortillas.  They will be able to eat a delicious meal while not having to use their firewood to cook their own … More Meals on Wheels!


Heidy is a sweet, shy girl who is in the third grade.  She previously attended the feeding center program so we have been involved with the family for the past several years.   Heidy’s mom was in the final month of her pregnancy when she began to have health issues.  Heidy’s mom delivered the baby, … More Heidy

Wrestle with God!

One of the advantages of Covid-19 is my dad’s church has been live streaming the sermons.  He is not a fan of live streaming, but it has been good for us. Yesterday Bro. Michael Mason preached about Jacob wrestling with God.  We have spent the last several months asking God a lot of questions.  No … More Wrestle with God!

14 Weeks!

Week #14 for food bags!  We are so grateful to each person who has given towards purchasing food for the families.  This definitely is a team effort to purchase and prepare the food.  The price of food is continuing to increase.  Due to the increase of prices, the food is even more important for the … More 14 Weeks!

Why Are We Here?

Why are we still here?  This question has been asked a lot!  We have watched many missionaries leave for various reasons.   Our children have been in the car three times since March 14th.  Two of those times was to simply go through the drive thru at fast food restaurants.  For split seconds, we have … More Why Are We Here?

Stories of Hope!

To say the past 3 months have been challenging would be an understatement.   We have questioned a lot of things during this time.  We have watched impoverished people struggle even more without any help from others.  We have felt as if we are not making a huge difference.  And then we receive stories–Stories of … More Stories of Hope!

3 Months!

Three Months!!!  We anticipated providing food for families for 2-4 weeks.  We never imagined our ministry would change focus to solely providing food for families. We have provided 2500 food bags! Our main focus has been for the families at the school, however, we have been able to help other communities, families, and churches meet … More 3 Months!

Willing to Work!

How is a single mother with 4 children suppose to pay for rent if she has no employment?  She has worked hard to provide for her family, but the restrictions have caused her factory to temporarily close.   The landowner has graciously agreed to delay the payment, but she will eventually have to pay all … More Willing to Work!