June 30th

Why has there been no blog entries this week?  If you have ever participated in one of my dad’s missions trips then you completely understand.  There is no rest for the weary! Monday Morning began at 4:30 am with Mr. Kenny’s accident and Mrs. Sanna’s cooking.  We are grateful that Mr. Kenny’s accident was not … More June 30th

June 23rd

We have been blessed to spend the first two weeks in Guatemala with familiar faces!  We enjoyed spending time with people from Friendship, Ethelsville, and Thelma.  No one had to rock the group to sleep as they were exhausted from traveling all day.  My dad, Dana and I were in charge of cooking breakfast for … More June 23rd

June 21st

This group had the opportunity to feed and love on the people of El Tejar dump yesterday.  They gave the 25 families a bag of groceries along with shoes and a pancake breakfast!  The kids were especially thrilled when the barbie dolls and stuffed animals were being passed out to them! There is something to … More June 21st

June 19th

I am not my dad–Thank Goodness!  I have no plans of blogging everyday!  He blogs at 3 a.m.–just not normal!  I have hired my dad to be my editor, therefore, if there is any type of mistake then you can blame him.  I am committed to trying to blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  This … More June 19th

Random Thoughts

Wow, I waited almost twenty years for the Lord to place me on the mission field as a full time missionary.  Initially, in my college years, I thought I would be going alone but God has once again proven Himself so very faithful by providing me with a husband who shares that call.  God has … More Random Thoughts

One Life!

Soy and I are confident about our salvation through Jesus Christ and our call to serve in Guatemala.  We both became followers of Christ and felt the call to serve internationally at different times in our lives, but we are grateful that God brought us together for this journey.  We have received a lot of … More One Life!