Meet Daniel & Susi

Daniel is part of the original group of children at the feeding center.  He has a smile that is contagious and an outgoing personality.  He has always been extremely respectful and willing to help.  I watched him be the “greeter” at church on Sunday with so much pride as he served.  Since Daniel graduated sixth … More Meet Daniel & Susi

February 24

This past Thursday I cooked the 200 hot dogs and Soy served the hot dogs to My Special Treasure School.  The teachers and kids were excited as it was their first time to serve hot dogs at the school.  Doesn’t everyone eat hot dogs at 9 am?   Thank you to Reeman Christian Reformed team … More February 24


We can not physically be at Friendship Baptist tonight for a special time of prayer for Mrs. Caroline Ford and Mr. Larry Whitehurst, but we will join them in a spirit of prayer.  They have always been great encouragers for our family and we love them dearly.  We have tremendous respect for them as they … More Praying!

Happy Monday!

In spite of Lizzi not speaking Spanish, she loves going to school.  Last week Lizzi explained to me that she sits by a boy who doesn’t speak any English and she doesn’t speak Spanish.  She said they just laugh–A Lot! The game Operation has been a big hit for the kids at the feeding center. … More Happy Monday!

Meet Sergio

Sergio is a sweet, always smiling, 11 year old boy.  He is one of the original children in the feeding center program.  Lazaro was introduced to Sergio in one of the local dumps.  Five years ago, Sergio was so malnourished that his hair was beginning to turn white.  Wow–Fours years of nutritious meals, constant love, … More Meet Sergio

February 15th

Happy Birthday!   Happy Birthday Deigo Samuel, Miguel. Madelin, and Dayana! Next week, we will celebrate February birthdays!  We will be caught up!  

February 13th

We have dedicated the month of February to focusing solely on the feeding center.  Teachers understand a lot about the exhaustion from beginning of the year preparation.  Our preparation the past week has left me feeling like it is the beginning of the school year.  The major difference is trying to organize and structure kids … More February 13th

Meet Armando

Armando is a quiet, calm, precious little boy at the feeding center.  He has started his second year as a participant of the program.  Armando is the oldest of four boys.  He lives extremely close to the feeding center in a small house.  His dad is a guard for the GRACE medical center and his … More Meet Armando

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Happy 5th Birthday to our independent, strong-willed, sweet, comical Sydney. We had her birthday party with my family two weeks ago.  This left Sydney completely confused.  This morning I greeted her with “Happy Birthday” and her reply was “Is this for real life?”  We will celebrate with my dad tonight at San Martin’s playground and … More Happy Birthday Sydney!