October 28th

We are offering six-week English classes and/or computer classes at My Special Treasure School and Agua de Viva.  The purpose of the classes is to be an outreach for the school and the churches.  At the school we offer three computer classes and two English classes (I am hoping to offer an additional “advanced” English class next week at the school)  We are offering an English class through a local church, Agua de Viva, in Chimaltenango on Thursday nights in hopes it will be an invitation for the unchurched to attend their Thursday night service.  Tomorrow we start our second session of English classes with the students at GRACE Community Church.

I have tried really hard to stay on schedule with Lizzi’s school.  I have only struggled with this for three months!   This week I let her choose her clothes, and apparently she thinks lipstick, jewelry, and hairbows are necessities for homeschool.


We treated the sweet families at the dump with cereal!  It is a treat for the kids and adults.  School is on “summer” break and there were a lot more kids than usual.

Soy taught one of the teenage boys, Jonathan, how to powerwash this week.  We had someone provide the money for Jonathan to receive a new bike.  His bike is used for transportation and not recreation.  He was thrilled when he rode away on his new bike!


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