Flight Attendant

I was encouraged by the man who told me about his salvation experience as I traveled through customs.  I was encouraged by the number of people who participated in the grant writing training and who are willing to help raise funds for the school.  Although I believe these children deserve an education, I traveled back … More Flight Attendant


Last week I traveled home by myself. This was very different from the usual traveling as a family so I was enjoying the easy trip. My plans were to quickly pass through customs and then enjoy Chik-Fil-A! When I approached customs I thought it was strange to have the lines basically empty, but I did … More Immigration

We Love Teams!

The one thing the children love is extra attention from all of the North Americans.   A couple of weeks ago the newest girl, Nataly, approached me and asked, “Where are all of the Americans?”  She was referring to the summer interns, but she wanted was attention from more than just me.  The children know … More We Love Teams!

Home Again!

What a fast, refreshing past few days for me! It’s the little things such as shopping, stress-free driving, and Cracker Barrel that makes me happy to be in the states. It’s the big things such as Sunday lunch with family, shopping with Mawmaw, coffee with pops, spending time with nieces and nephews, etc. that make … More Home Again!

Sunday Normalcy?

Our normal Sunday afternoons always consisted of eating lunch with my family, resting/napping during the afternoons, and 4:00 coffee and cake with my grandparents.  Now our Sundays look quite different!  I have to cook, but thankfully my parents manage to bring us a “Sunday roast” to enjoy.  Yesterday, our afternoon consisted of dividing the food … More Sunday Normalcy?

Volcano Update

Many of you chose to designate a financial gift to help the people affected by the volcano.  We are continuing to work with Pastor Max as he is very familiar with the more isolated locations and the needs of the people.  Since July we have provided food to over 900 families (about 5400 people), fed … More Volcano Update

All in One Week!

We were very involved in working with the team this past week.  The team was consisted of about 26 people from Danville Baptist, Friendship Baptist, and Michigan.  The team only built and concreted 20 homes, participated in 4 different food distributions for over 750 families, hosted a block party at the church, removed a ton … More All in One Week!