Love in Action!

With very short notice, the girls and I returned to the states for the next few weeks.  No worries because Soy is in charge of everything!  God has given us some really good workers who are able to make sure everything runs smoothly.  They have a love for the students and the families. One advantage … More Love in Action!

Outside Classrooms!

How do students miss 4 months of school and recover?  In a normal situation, our teachers would have to work really hard to move these students to proficiency in their current grade level.  The past 4 months have not been normal and the students can’t afford to miss any instructional time.  Digital learning is not … More Outside Classrooms!

Heidy’s Update

Last Friday evening, I received a message stating Heidy’s brother had been shot and killed during a robbery.  He was the victim of a senseless crime.  On Saturday morning, I went to Heidy’s home to deliver some food and to see if we could help in any other way.  As soon as I got out … More Heidy’s Update

Food Trucks!

We all know that proper nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy immune system.  The immune system consists of various organs, cells and tissues that help fight viruses and bacteria.  Regardless of the current circumstance, we want our children to receive nutrition for developmental reasons and health reasons. During the month of July, we will … More Food Trucks!