Meet Nehemias!

Nehemias enjoyed a kid’s meal at Burger King this past Wednesday.  The children are required to eat all of their food at the feeding center, but Nehemias asked permission to save his remianing food.  When he was questioned about why he didn’t want to eat all of the food, his response was “I will give … More Meet Nehemias!

Burger King!

One of the changes made at the feeding center has been keeping close record of attendance.  Attendance in school is not madatory so perfect attedance seems to be difficult for the feeding center also.  In June my dad told the kids that he would take eveyone with perfect attendnce during July to Burger King for … More Burger King!


Thank you all again for your support with the library. So many of you have been so faithful to go and buy a few of your childhood favorite books to send to Guatemala!  I cannot tell you how it has been such a joy to watch these kids fall in love with reading! Every child … More Gracias!


Several weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that some of the kids may not understand why the “Americans” come to love on them and then leave.  Many of the children deal with insecurities which develop as a part of abandonment from their personal family members.  We have talked to the kids about Tess … More Fiesta!


Written by Tess Scholz As Soy, Deidra, their kids and myself sat around the dinner table last night, Deidra asked me what have been the highlights from my trip and what has been most difficult.  As I sat and reflected on her question, only positive memories from this time flooded my mind.  I am so thankful that … More Highlights!

Counting Down…

Blog by Tess Scholz My time in Guatemala is wrapping up.  I have been here for about 2.5 months and only have 4 days left until I head back to the States.  I am so grateful for this time and the way God has changed my heart over these past few months.   I remember when … More Counting Down…

Happy 4th of July

A Late Blog is Better than No Blog!  We celebrated 4th of July with the kids at the feeding center for two days.  They loved every minute of it!  Hot dogs, Mac and Cheese, Cheese Puffs, and watermelon were served for lunch.  A special thanks to my mom for buying the paper products and decorations … More Happy 4th of July