Lunch is Served!

Without a doubt, we believe it is very important for our children to receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch. We are very proud of our cooks who work extremely hard to serve a variety of protein, vegetables, and fruit. We know the diet for the majority of our students does not meet the daily nutrients … More Lunch is Served!

Happy Pi Day

The teachers and tenth grade students loved celebrating “Pi Day” after a long day of quarter exams! Teddie and Eddie receive the credit for reminding me that today is 3.14! I only remember the fun days like Dr. Seuss Day and St. Patrick’s Day! The San Martin pies were delicious!

Green Eggs & Ham!

Colegio JET celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday by eating green eggs and ham, wearing crazy socks, having crazy hair, and lots of fun activities! The children had a blast at school today! A huge thank you to all of the teachers for making the day special!