October 20th

We had the privilege to participate in the graduation ceremony of My Special Treasure School yesterday.  They always express their gratitude to GRACE Ministries.  We did not realize we would hand the students the diplomas and we were under dressed!  We are grateful they are forgiving towards North Americans.

Our schedule is allowing us to spend more time at the feeding center with the kids.  The other day Sydney had a meltdown because everyone in Guatemala bothers her.  The bottom line is the kids at the feeding center hug and squeeze her too tight.  Thankfully she has done better with the kids this week.  Lizzi is practicing the few Spanish words she knows with the kids and the adults at the feeding center.  Today Glendy told her she was “bonita” and Lizzi responded with “loco”.

Several weeks ago Bro. Doug Chappelle’s church, Thelma Baptist, built soccer goals for the kids at the feeding center.  The kids were thrilled, but the construction workers were elated.  The goals get used on a daily basis!  Thank you to each person who had a part in building the goals.

The construction for expanding the feeding center is making progress.  I have attached a video so you can see how they pour concrete–one bucket at a time!


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