Zoo Fun!

Why did taking 87 Spanish-speaking kids with 12 English-speaking chaperones sound like a good idea?  The group of 87 energetic kids met the El Tejar square at 7:30 to enjoy a quick breakfast and load the buses.  It was obvious some of the parents were very nervous to allow their kids to travel to Guatemala City on a field trip.

The trip to the zoo only took an hour and the trip home from the zoo only took 2 hours!  However, no one experienced car sickness so we consider it a success.

Each chaperone was responsible for 6 kids as they walked (ran) through the zoo.  The Guatemala zoo is extremely nice and the weather was perfect.  The kids loved all of the animals from the tigers to the fish to the penguins.  Soy and Joe David definitely had the rowdy group of boys.  They handled it like professionals!

I will never understand why field trips make the kids extremely hungry by 10 a.m.  The same was true for this group of kids.  At noon the kids enjoyed peanut butter sandwiches, chips, cookies, and juice boxes.  The day was ended with the kids spending an hour on the playground.  They had a blast!

We arrived back at the El Tejar square around 4 pm.  The priority was to make it home by 5:00 in order to watch the Alabama game!  Bro. Wilfred Johnson even joined the group to enjoy watching the game.

Field Trips are exhausting, but fun!

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