Erica and Juanchito!

Let me provide a little information before I share my observation from this week. We have learned the parents will respect our expectations if they have some responsibility in their child’s education. The parents are responsible for buying the P.E. uniform, shoes, and transportation.  The transportation is $0.70 per day and the uniform and shoes … More Erica and Juanchito!

Cute Faces!

We took “First Day” pictures on Wednesday.   All of the sponsors will have a picture of their specific child by the end of the day. How was the first 2 days of school?   Overall, they were really good.  We have never opened a school so we are learning as we go.  There is … More Cute Faces!

Facebook Live!

We will be on Facebook live throughout the day on Shining Light Abroad Ministries page.  Our students will arrive around 7:30.  Share with Everyone! January 8th, 2019—Nothing on the land–No funds to build a school–No real understanding of all of the paperwork involved for the school.   It was a God-size dream that seemed too … More Facebook Live!

One More Day!

Final Day for prepping!   Is everything at the school perfect–No!  Are the classrooms ready–Yes!   We have been working to prepare the school for opening on January 8th.  Ready or not, the children will be at the school at 7:30 tomorrow.  Everyone is excited! I have heard “Tomorrow” as an answer to a lot … More One More Day!