October 30th

After talking to my dad last night, I have decided to start baking cakes.  I just need “Cooter” to buy them!  Witney Edwards made a beautiful cake for the Hallelujah Festival and it was bought for a wonderful cause.

Our schedule has allowed us to spend more time at the feeding center over the past several weeks.  Several people have contacted me asking for sizes or pictures of their sponsored child.  If you sponsor a child through GRACE Ministries and you would like to know their sizes, needs, etc please contact me.  The easiest way to contact me is through shininglightabroad@gmail.com or through facebook: Deidra Taylor.  If someone (Kathy Genzink & Shari Compagner) could possibly give me information to the sponsors from Michigan that would be great!

Your Monday morning can be spent listening to the girls enjoy their time on the playground at the feeding center.  They giggled for 20 minutes!



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