November 29th

Danville Baptist built a house for a family involved in the feeding center and GRACE church.  The mother and five small girls were sharing one room with one bed.  The family was elated to have a laminate house for their family, and they decorated it with pride as they painted the beams and hung streamers. … More November 29th

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have ever given financially to our ministry, then you were a part of the three Thanksgiving dinners this past week.  We had a busy week as we fed approximately 170 people over the past three days.  We fed 45 students and family members from our English and computer classes, 15 construction workers, 90 … More Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20th

We were able to be part of the baptismal service yesterday with GRACE Community Church. Cristobol and Rosa are a sweet couple with four small boys.  A team from Alabama built a house for this family.  During the dedication of the house, the team presented the gospel to the couple and they both became followers … More November 20th

Feeding Center!

We are extremely excited to have the responsibility for working with the children at GRACE feeding center on a daily basis.  We are partnering with GRACE Ministries as we will be in charge of the daily activities for all 100 children.  Since we will be responsible for the “classroom” activities, Lazaro Suruy will have more … More Feeding Center!

November 15th

Wow!  What a fast, but great week!  A trip with two Eddie and Teddie means you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.    Lizzi’s highlight was celebrating her 6th birthday with a cake and pinata at the the feeding center followed by a family dinner at Pizza Hut. We were able … More November 15th

One More Day!

Why no blog on Friday?  We woke up without power, we enjoyed it in the afternoon, and then we went to bed without power!  We have not lost power in a couple of months, but I was not prepared to lose it on Friday.  Lizzi referred to brushing our teeth with bottled water as “old … More One More Day!

November 1st

Lizzi has been asking about how Guatemala celebrates Halloween!  She likes the costumes, candy, and Hallelujah festival.  We spend all day teaching classes on Tuesday so we promised to celebrate today.  November 1st is Dia de Muertes so it seemed as if everyone in Guatemala was celebrating.  We enjoyed painting $1.50 gourds, costumes, roasting marshmallows, … More November 1st