Meet Henry!

This blog will be a bit long, but I feel it is necessary to give some background. Fourteen years ago, a GRACE team built a “double wide” house  located on the dirt road leading to the mission house.  The family of six had four precious small girls and many people from the team favored them. … More Meet Henry!


We need your help in building a library at the feeding center.  Life Aid Ministries has graciously donated some books and the kids are loving them.  The books can be purchased in honor/memory of someone or donated from a class/organization.  This would be a great way to designate the offering from VBS.  Click on the … More Library!

“Bless Tess”

Yesterday Friendship Baptist had a “Bless Tess” day.  Some people were not able to view the video so I am choosing to post it here.  Obviously, Tess is serving in Guatemala until July 11th.  Tess made a video to introduce herself and to briefly tell her purpose for being in Guatemala.  If you want to … More “Bless Tess”


I definitely receive the slacker award for consistency in writing a blog.  My parents along with Ross and Kathy Genzink left this past Thursday, and they worked us the entire time. Meetings, feeding 300 people, feeding center, replacing water heaters kept us all busy.  It was fun to watch the majority of the kids at … More Hilarious!

Blog By Tess

I have been in Guatemala a little over one week!  And what an absolute gift and whirlwind it has been.  But then again, adventures with Jesus usually hold these two characteristics in equal tension. My first time working with both Grace Ministries and Shining Light Abroad Ministires was back in February on a week long … More Blog By Tess

Pancakes & School

This past Tuesday was “Labor Day” in Guatemala, but we think it is important to keep the  feeding center open for the nutritional value.  The only problem was Tess and I were in charge of cooking. The menu consisted of pancakes, sausages, eggs, and bananas!  Thankfully we did have three mothers help us with the … More Pancakes & School