Weather Days!

The storm hitting Central America is impacting our community with a lot of rain. On Sunday morning, we made the decision to cancel classes for Monday and Tuesday due to the Hurricane Julia. Of course, our first concern was the food for the children. We have children who are extremely dependent on the breakfast and … More Weather Days!

Love Your Pastor!

I am very biased towards a pastor and the pastor’s family! I had the privilege of growing up in a pastor’s home with a very loving church family. I really believe my love for the church is because I have parents who never speak a negative word about anyone in the church. (I vividly remember … More Love Your Pastor!

Happy Children’s Day

Guatemala celebrates “Children’s Day” on October 1st.   We celebrated the children at the school on Friday.  They enjoyed Splash Day, puppet show, movies, art, popcorn, ice cream, pizza, and cake.  Our middle school students enjoyed rolling down the hill and playing soccer at the neighboring farm.   Thank you Jorge and Finca Xejuyu for your generosity.   Today, Iglesia JET celebrated … More Happy Children’s Day