Easter Activities

The kids at the feeding center had a blast as we celebrated birthdays and Easter!   The kids were amazed at the ability to dye an egg.  You would’ve thought I was as cool as Bryan Drake when I demonstrated how to place the egg in the cup and it magically turns a different color. … More Easter Activities

Easter Celebration!

Guatemala knows how to celebrate Holy Week.  It equates to school being on break, people working only on Monday and Tuesday and lots of loud music.  Yesterday we listened to loud Guatemalan-style hymns ALL day.  They played until late Friday night and started again at 6:00 am on Saturday.  Soy loved it! The families at … More Easter Celebration!


If you follow SLAM on Instagram, you have seen the pictures of the children using computers this past week!  For the past week, the children have enjoyed a basic typing game on the computers.  We placed the computers in a station so the children used them for about 20 minutes each.  However, we have the … More Computers!

March 20th

30 Days!  We have focused on the children at the GRACE feeding center for 30 days.  Honestly,  I thought it would take us only the month of February to have things organized and running the best way for us.  I thought it would only take a few weeks to figure out a way to manage … More March 20th

Texas A & M Team

On Monday and Thursday, we were blessed to have a team of 22 college students work at the feeding center.  They all attend Texas A & M and chose to spend their Spring Break serving in Guatemala.  On Monday, I observed the team serve lunch, do a Bible craft, perform skits, sing songs, and play … More Texas A & M Team

Meet Samuel

Samuel is a rambunctious nine year-old boy.  Honestly, my first thought after observing him was that I would need a lot of patience with him.  However, I have fallen in love with his personality,   He is always the first one to dance to the music regardless of what the other kids are doing.  He … More Meet Samuel

March 9th

Note:  This post was written on Friday.  Due to a broken phone, no access to my personal computer, and forgetting my password, I am posting two days late.  Sorry! Yesterday, I walked out of the house at 8:30 am and returned home at 8:30 pm.  It was a busy, but productive day.  We ended the … More March 9th

Meet Abner

Abner is a talkative, loving, five-year-old boy.  This is his first year attending the feeding center and he has adjusted very well.  His curiousity causes him to be a walking question mark.  He is the one boy who chooses to go to the station of his choice although we all tell him which group he … More Meet Abner