Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from these cuties!  These children are some of our younger students.  The only thing we tell the students is they can’t all say, “I like the computers!”  We have learned some interesting things about what the kids like most about the center. For example, Andy is a very shy child, but he loves … More Happy Friday!

Construction Update!

On Monday, I watched Soy drive up to the construction site.  The workers starting yelling for each other to come and Soy became really popular.  He was passing out energy drinks!  He doesn’t want them to slow down in the construction so he is supplying them with energy drinks (no worries–the energy drinks are not … More Construction Update!

Saturday Fun!

A few weeks ago we decided to bribe Sydney.  If she agreed to actually try to learn Spanish then we would allow her to participate in gymnastics.  She happily agreed so we enrolled all three girls into a gymnastics class close by.  After the first session, Sydney’s first comment was “Well, I learned a lot … More Saturday Fun!

No Rest!

We are grateful when my parents are able to visit them.  We went from seeing family on a daily basis to seeing them every 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.   Big change for my girls, but we are grateful God has blessed us to live close enough for family to visit. However, it … More No Rest!