October 11th

A huge thank you to Mrs. June Bailey!  Somehow the Danville Baptist team managed to bring 6 homemade cakes made by Mrs. June.  Lemon, Blueberry, and Banana–They are delicious.  Soy’s favorite cake is banana, and Joe David brought him “real” hot dogs.  He was pumped.  Yesterday, I was eating lemon cake, drinking coffee, and writing emails at 4 a.m.  We are happy!

The group enjoyed feeding pancakes, sausages, and fruit to the kids at My Special Treasure School on Tuesday.  The kids blessed them by singing a few songs for them also.  This group is building houses for families directly related to the feeding center or the GRACE church.  The rain began at about 1 p.m. and it rained hard!  The group finished two houses and are working today to complete three more houses.  Willard Garnett’s team consist of Joe David, Soy, and Lori.  Willard will definitely remember the experience, and he will be very grateful for Lori’s work!  Willard misses Bernard Suthoff!

The rest of the week consists of feeding the school, ministering to the people in the El Tejar dump, two block parties, house dedications, an appreciation dinner for the My Special Treasure teachers, and taking 90 kids to the zoo.   Thank you for praying for us!

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