Working Hard!

On Monday the teachers for Colegio JET began their first day of work.  The beginning of school can be overwhelming, but the beginning of a new school, new kids, new curriculum, and a new building can be daunting.  The teachers will spend their time planning and learning the curriculum.  It is also a good time … More Working Hard!

Pig Roast

It is cold in Michigan!  Or at least it is cold to me.   My parents and I flew into Chicago at midnight on Tuesday night.  We drove to Paw Paw, Michigan to sleep for a few hours and then met family to lunch.  We made it to Tom and Shari’s house in Hamilton, Michigan, … More Pig Roast


A bit over two years ago, we agreed to allow a 14 year old to “work” for us because he was the sole provider for his family.  He was so shy he wouldn’t even look at us.  We told him we would only allow him to do odd jobs for only two weeks.   Somehow … More Jonathan!

Adios Danville!

It is refreshing for us when we work with teams that are dear to our hearts.  Danville is a great supporter to GRACE Ministries and SLAM. Seven of them hit some problems with arriving in Guatemala which cost them one day.  Then it rained consecutively for 2 days.  The rain caused them not to accomplished … More Adios Danville!

Danville Day 2

Danville worked all day yesterday and accomplished building 5 houses.  They will spend Wednesday finishing house #6 and concreting all of the houses.   Today is “tourist day” as they will climb the volcano and spend the afternoon in Antigua.   Antigua is crazy on Sundays so we find going to Antigua during the week … More Danville Day 2

Danville is Here!

After a few problems, Danville Baptist ALL arrived at the mission house on Sunday afternoon.   Flight delays and ticket problems cause 7 of them spend 2 days trying to get to Guatemala.  The other 9 had no problem arriving on Saturday afternoon. The group left early Sunday morning and participated in a food distribution … More Danville is Here!


Yesterday, I jumped out of the bed at 5:45 a.m.  We were in a panic because the alarm clock didn’t go off.  Soy and I had to leave for the city by 6:30 a.m. in order to make a 2 1/2 trip to the Guatemala Immigration office in the city.  We quickly put on clothes, … More Ramblings…

How Do We Choose?

How do we choose each child for the school?  This question has been asked many times. I wish it was as simple as giving you a basic formula but it isn’t quite that easy.  Honestly, the process has been more difficult than we were prepared for. Current Students at the Feeding Center–Every parent at the … More How Do We Choose?