September 29th

If you hear a scream about 4:00 pm (Guate time) it will be Soy celebrating the end of Spanish school.  Are we fluent?  Of course not but we know a lot more than we did 2 months ago.  We will spend the next couple of months practicing Spanish with the locals.  I prefer to practice … More September 29th

September 27th

It is “freezing” in Chimaltenango!  According to every other Guatemalan and myself it is cold.  I dressed my girls in long sleeves, pants, and jackets to go outside.  Lizzi said, “It is like we are real Guatemalans!”  We laugh at how they relate certain things to living in Guatemala.  Often times, while playing they try … More September 27th

September 25th

One Week Left!  This is our final week of Spanish school–PTL!  No one will be happier than Soy.  I have bribed him by offering lunch in Antigua on Friday if he tries his best this week.  I prefer a classroom setting for learning, but Soy prefers interaction with people.  We study by sitting one-on-one with … More September 25th

September 20th

  Just imagine placing a new laptop in front of teenagers who have never used a computer before.  The teenagers were all giggles as they learned to turn on the computer and use the keyboard to type.  The first group of students come to school two days a week to receive their education up to … More September 20th

September 18th

My apologies for not blogging this past Friday.  I guess we were caught up in the Independence Day celebrations!  We went to the local parade and it was interesting, loud, and long.  My favorite part was when the humongous speaker in the back of the truck was blaring Alan Jackson’s country song “Chattahoochee”.  There were … More September 18th

September 13th

We had our first English class this past Sunday night!  There were 16 young adults/youth who were excited to learn.  We are teaching English through Bible storytelling, vocabulary, and conversation.  We are praying this is simply a tool to stengthen the church and to build relationships for discipleship.  We appreciate your prayers as we look … More September 13th

By Faith

So, we obviously borrowed the necessary twelve thousand dollars and set the wheels in motion to get our “new” vehicle to Guatemala.  Edwin is Guatemalan and he was one of the original three men to attend the first Hispanic service hosted by our home church eight years ago.  He has since moved back to Guatemala … More By Faith

By Faith

  We did experience an earthquake at 10:50 last night.  It was strong enough to wake me, and long enough for us to carry all of the girls outside.  We are blessed to live in a house with a solid foundation, but I immediately think about those families living in tin houses. As we answered … More By Faith

September 6th

The past several days have been busy as we said goodbye to my mom and hello to Thuy.  Our schedule allows us to take a break from langauge which is a good thing.  We were able to feed the people from El Tejar dump and My Special Treasure School.   It was a special treat … More September 6th