Tess’ Blog

Blog From Tess: In God’s kindness, He has allowed me to return to Guatemala to visit the students at the feeding center, whom I’d previously worked with for three months last spring. I specifically remember Deidra asking me when I was leaving if I was going to come back to see them. She did not … More Tess’ Blog

What A Week!

I have been silent on the blog for the past week, but not because there has been nothing going on.  Soy’s grandfather passed away so he traveled to Texas to be with the family.  Somehow the flight took him to Colorado where he met my dad and sister for several days of skiing.  My week … More What A Week!

Meet Juan!

If you have stayed at the mission house, then you have probably seen this small older man taking out the trash.  Many of you bless him with a breakfast plate filled with delicious food.   He gathers, sorts, and burns the trash along with caring for the blackberry patch.  He is always smiling!  He has … More Meet Juan!

Monday Activities

A group of college students from Texas A & M did an excellent job ministering with the kids yesterday!   They served them lunch, sang songs, told stories, and had three rotations with activities.  The kids always enjoy this group because they are excellent at interacting with all of the children.  They will return on … More Monday Activities

There are Steps!!!

For all of you who have ever walked from the mission house to the feeding center, this blog is for you!   There are now steps leading from the center to the mission house!  This means no more bracing yourself for the slippery walk down the mountain.   No more praying you don’t wipe out … More There are Steps!!!

Praying for Pops!

Our hearts are in Pascagoula, Mississippi, as “Pops” has a knee replacement.  We are praying it is a fast, easy recovery and relieves lots of pain.  His bad knee has not kept him from plundering in the barn, riding the tractor, going out to eat, burning the burn pile, or going to the bank and … More Praying for Pops!

Happy Friday!

The lower grades (kinder-third) come to the center on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.   One of my favorite parts is watching them sing.  They are not afraid to sing extremely loud and they love the interaction with the songs.  Here is a short video of the kids singing a song about Noah’s ark. (The kids … More Happy Friday!