October 9th

We had a great weekend as Soy participated in a men’s conference at GRACE church, attended church, and taught English.  Mark Mast led the event for the men at the church, and Soy said it was a very powerful night.  GRACE ministries has found favor in the eyes of the local police and two of the policemen participated in the conference.  We used some of the computers last night to teach English through storytelling.  The only problem was we had to spend time with some of the students explaining how to use the computer!

We have always been told that Mark Mast is a very enthusiastic speaker when telling Bible stories to the kids.  I am not sure how everyone feels but Soy was impressed.  Mark’s team spent two days at the feeding center telling Bible stories, singing, and playing with the children.  I have attached a video of the kids at the church singing with him last night.

We took advantage of having about 10 people from Michigan at the church–we used them to practice with our English students.  We do not want our students to think everyone speaks Southern English.  The students enjoyed practicing with them.

We are getting ready to spend the next week with Danville Baptist Church.  We are excited!

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