Lots of Donations!

Aaron Rossin’s team from Michigan came to Guatemala with lots of supplies for the future school.  Due to being in the city, Soy and I were not able to be a the center when the team came yesterday afternoon.  The feeding center workers kept sending me texts and saying, “There are a lot of supplies! … More Lots of Donations!

Until They Know…

This past week, we walked around some of the Mayan ruins.  We approached the altar with the remains of fresh ashes, remains of candles, the smell of incense, and smoke filling the air as a reminder of the sacrifices made to the “gods”.  This is a reminder of people living in darkness.  People worshipping false … More Until They Know…

All Smiles!

I am definitely admitting my lack of knowledge on the monetary value of the reading curriculum inside my classroom!  The cost of a reading curriculum is extremely high.  I was shocked when I started to add the cost for all of the “necessary” materials.  Have we tried to see about companies donating curriculum to a … More All Smiles!

Worth the Work!

Lately, it seems as if our days are running together.  It is a busy time as we find ourselves working on the weekends in order to accomplish the necessary preparations for the school.  Just like anyone else, we sometimes ask ourselves “Is this worth it?” In July, we had interviews for each child currently enrolled … More Worth the Work!

Message for Sponsors

All of our current sponsors received an important email several weeks ago.   This email helps us prepare for our future sponsorship in January.   We asked for a reply by August 30th, but we have not heard from many people.  We understand that sometimes emails simply are overlooked.  If you know people who sponsor … More Message for Sponsors