People We Love!

We spent last week serving alongside some of the most influential people in our lives.  People who have been part of our journey and our lives for a very long time.   They came as an opportunity to see our ministry in action and look for ways to serve us in the future.    Bro. Neal and Mrs. Jana. … More People We Love!

Serving Others!

We are always looking for ways in which our youth can serve others. For the next several months, our youth have the opportunity to serve the elderly in our very own community. The municipal graciously is allowing us to partner with them to serve the elderly. We provide food and fellowship to the elderly, and … More Serving Others!

Thankful for More!

We are so thankful for the many things happening on Grace Mountain! We are thankful to have a covered basketball court. Last Saturday, I spent the day working in the office. The rain was steady, but I could hear the sounds of children yelling and basketballs bouncing. Even in the rain, the students were able … More Thankful for More!


We are so thankful for the many things happening on Grace Mountain! We are so thankful for Grand Bay Ministries! Pastor Jamie and Tracy Passman and Al and Cindy Stokes worked hard to prepare and promote a cake auction in order to benefit the children of Colegio JET. A bunch of country folk raised thousands … More Thankful!

Serving Others!

We are very appreciative for the teams who are willing to step “outside of the box” in order to minister in different ways. We are privileged to have Goss Baptist Church on Grace Mountain this week. Pastor Brian Malone and his team graciously served the elderly in our community with a devotion, lunch, and bags … More Serving Others!

A Lot of Noise!

The stretch of summer groups has come to an end, but it has not remained quiet on the mountain. The students finished the final days of third quarter. While all of our North American friends are posting “First Day of School” pictures, we are on the last stretch of our school year. The noise at … More A Lot of Noise!

July Recap!

July was a whirlwind of events! After lots of preparation, we blinked and July was over. By my admission, I have failed at keeping people updated through blog entries. However, Soy has a million photos on his facebook. July had 75 people from 3 groups use the mission house to serve the people of Guatemala. … More July Recap!

Seconds Please!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! To every person who participated in the cake auction at Friendship Baptist, we are grateful. To those who were able to join the cake auction through a Zoom conference all, we are grateful. To those who gave generous offerings to the cake auction, we are grateful. The prices of … More Seconds Please!