El Salvador Pastor’s Conference

We were blessed with a very successful Pastor’s Conference.  The men are pastors from El Salvador and Honduras who do not have the funds or access to any type of formal training.  The pastors from Honduras drove 10 hours to be part of the event!  They enjoyed the teaching and fellowship for the three days.  Bro. Keith Martin, Bro. Johnny Tucker, Bro. Michael Mason, “Bryan Drake”, and Bro. Tico Vargas blessed the men through their preaching and teaching sessions.

The pastors were very well entertained with the illusions from Bryan Drake.  He asked for a volunteer from the audience to help shuffle a deck of cards.  One pastor shouted, “We can’t–We are pastors!”  Watching the reactions from the pastors was hilarious and priceless.  Michael Mason complained about having to listen to Bryan’s hair dryer every morning (the walls were very thin).  Bryan’s response was simply, “How else am I suppose to make my hair stand up like this.  It is a lot of work.”

I was unaware this was the first time the women had teaching time designed specifically for them.  They were extremely gracious and enjoyed the time spent with other women.  Mrs. Judy Tucker sent jewelry for the women to have–they loved it!   The 17 hours of driving within three days were worth it!

Soy lived in Alabama for nine years and never experienced a hurricane.  He has been watching every hurricane this season.  We are praying Hurricane Nate does not cause any damage and it is over quickly.

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