September 13th

We had our first English class this past Sunday night!  There were 16 young adults/youth who were excited to learn.  We are teaching English through Bible storytelling, vocabulary, and conversation.  We are praying this is simply a tool to stengthen the church and to build relationships for discipleship.  We appreciate your prayers as we look for ways to expand this part of our ministry.

The team from West Mobile flew to Guatemala last Thursday, and they delivered 6 computers!  Soy spent all day Saturday installing programs and setting them up to use for classes.  We appreciate the West Mobile team, led by David and Patricia Baldwin, for being so kind to us.

We keep telling ourselves that maybe tomorrow will be a normal schedule with no surprises.  We had our third flat tire for the week and it is only Wednesday!  Soy left early this morning and drove to the lawyer’s office in the city (1 1/2 hours) to pick up our visa extension. When he arrived the lawyer said “Oh I meant September 13th in the afternoon”.  We are slowly learning the Guatemalan way!

If you read my dad’s blog, please know he is taking a week off.  Soy has managed to force him to take the week off due to website problems.  My mom is not complaining as she will definitely need his full attention for the next several days/weeks.  It is all good!



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