September 25th

One Week Left!  This is our final week of Spanish school–PTL!  No one will be happier than Soy.  I have bribed him by offering lunch in Antigua on Friday if he tries his best this week.  I prefer a classroom setting for learning, but Soy prefers interaction with people.  We study by sitting one-on-one with our teacher in a garden.  Last week Soy studied by having his hood on his head and his sunglasses on so he could concentrate.  When an avocado falls from the tree or a bird flies by it is over for him.   His teacher is so patient with him!  Of course he has learned that if he starts dancing when the neighbors are playing music or if he tells his stories in a very dramatic way then his teacher gets off course too.

We had a good day at church yesterday as Bro. Johnny preached to the people.  One of the young boy from our English class prayed to receive Christ as his Savior!  Pray we can help disciple the young people in the church to break the cycle of spiritual darkness.   The team blessed the people in the church by giving them food distribution bags with health kits.  They left very happy.

A neighboring church joined Grace Community for the service.  There were only 70 kids in the service.  We are still amazed at how their kids sit still and quiet during worship without causing any major distractions.  Last week we finally just put our three kids in the car during the worship service. (Don’t worry we park our car by the building so we can see them at all times!)

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