Happy Birthday Audrey!

Happy third birthday to our spoiled Audrey!   She knows the advantages of being the baby and she has a way to get exactly what she wants.  We have always considered a family lunch to be a sufficient birthday for our kids, but we know Guatemalans are serious about birthdays.  We had a party at the church a few weeks ago while my mom was visiting.  A pinata, hot dogs, and cupcakes for everyone–it was complete chaos!

Mrs. Judy Tucker was the guest speaker for the women at Grace Community Church today.  Glendy has worked very hard to make sure everything looks perfect for the women.  I was able to hear Mrs. Judy speak during the first session and the women seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it.  Our Spanish school did not allow us to stay for the other sessions, but I am told the messages and testimonies were well received.

Our weekend will consist of attending a marriage conference with Bro. Johnny and Mrs. Judy Tucker.  It has been a long time since we have actually participated in a marriage conference so it should be good.  If they make us participate in one those “How Well Do You Know Your Spouse” type games then it may not end so well!

As I am typing this at 8:00 pm on a Friday night, Soy is in the city trying to find a thermocouple for the water heater.  He has searched every store in Chimaltenango and Antigua for a simple replacement part.  The part is easy to find in the states, but a huge task to find in Guatemala!


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