September 18th

My apologies for not blogging this past Friday.  I guess we were caught up in the Independence Day celebrations!  We went to the local parade and it was interesting, loud, and long.  My favorite part was when the humongous speaker in the back of the truck was blaring Alan Jackson’s country song “Chattahoochee”.  There were about 15 young people dressed in plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and line dancing.   Oh, how I wish you all could’ve seen Soy’s face!

A huge thank you to Bro. Doug Chappelle and Bro. BJ Parson for bringing four computers to us.  Soy will start his first computer class tomorrow with the My Special Treasure School this morning.  They are very excited about the computers.  We will be able to use the computers in the English class also.  The students will love it.

One thing we have enjoyed is seeing the impact the groups have on the people in Guatemala.  We are hoping to have more video blogs this week so you can hear the testimonies of the people.










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