September 20th


Just imagine placing a new laptop in front of teenagers who have never used a computer before.  The teenagers were all giggles as they learned to turn on the computer and use the keyboard to type.  The first group of students come to school two days a week to receive their education up to the sixth grade standards.  Obviously these are students who did not go to school during the primary years.  It was like Chirstmas morning as they explored how to type in different color fonts and created borders around their writings. The second group had a basic knowledge of the computer and they are taking computer class very serious.  The teachers are thrilled because they know the advantages the students will have by learning computer skills.  I asked the teacher if the computer skills will help them find decent jobs after high school.  Of course the answer was “Yes!”  I continued by asking her exactly what they consider to be a decent job for the students.  She was very straight forward with me as she said, “Any job is better than digging through the dump!”  Truth!

We were blessed to have generous, selfless people provide the funds for 13 computers.    We have the privilege to work with the students but these people are the reasons the teenagers will have a better chance at life. Please pray that the computer classes are a bridge to tell people about the salvation through Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.  We are praying for the people to be delivered from physical and spiritual darkness.  Thank you to each person who partners with us to show the love of Christ!

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