September 29th

If you hear a scream about 4:00 pm (Guate time) it will be Soy celebrating the end of Spanish school.  Are we fluent?  Of course not but we know a lot more than we did 2 months ago.  We will spend the next couple of months practicing Spanish with the locals.  I prefer to practice with the kids because they correct me every single time.

Our Sunday school class along with the 20-29 yrs old class invested in our ministry by providing the funds for 2 months of Spanish school.  They generously gave $1600 so we could focus on learning the language.  It was probably the only time I have ever been speechless during the Sunday school hour.  I am sure they were all enjoying the moment of silence.  We could never express how thankful we are to have them partner with us as we minister to the people in Guatemala.

I talked to my mom today and listened to her describe all of the wonderful meals people have blessed them with.  My mouth waters as she describes all of the food (even when she told me about the turnip soup).  For some reason our family talks about food all of the time.  Soy talks about Ms. Jo Nell’s chili and Lizzi talks about chicken and dumplings.  I sent Daphne a text expressing my disappointment that we will not be able to eat food at the fair in October and she assured me they will eat enough “fair” food for my family too!

I am grateful to Al & Cindy and Scotty & Amanda Stokes are enjoying some time with my parents this weekend at the Alabama game.  I am confused as to why Al is insisted on wearing matching shirts–Each to their own!

GRACE Ministries hired a new guy to cut the grass at the mission house.  Mr. Kirk showed him how to start the lawn mower, however, someone else needed his attention at the moment.  The young guy just walked in circles trying to cut the grass.  He was completely confused!  Soy had to show him how to walk in a straight line while cutting.  I asked him if the lawn mower was better than a machete and he replied, “It’s different!”  He made Soy look like a professional!

I am leaving on Monday to be part of the Pastor’s Conference in El Salvador.  Soy will play mom for three days.  To everyone who brought us Ravioli and Spaghetti-Os in July–Thank You!  This will probably be lunch and dinner for several days next week.

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