By Faith

So, we obviously borrowed the necessary twelve thousand dollars and set the wheels in motion to get our “new” vehicle to Guatemala.  Edwin is Guatemalan and he was one of the original three men to attend the first Hispanic service hosted by our home church eight years ago.  He has since moved back to Guatemala and was our contact person for finding someone to bring our vehicle to us from the States.  Thank God for Edwin.
Meanwhile, we called on Rita Padilla Broome to help coordinate all of this because she speaks Spanish and English (Arkansas style) fluently!  Please know that humanly speaking we could have never gotten this done without the help of Rita Broome!  She has such a servant’s heart and spent an untold number of hours on the phone (if her employer had any idea of exactly how much time then she would have been fired so please do not tell!). Rita was our lifeline!
On Monday, August 21, my parents and Rita took the Honda Pilot to the TA in Grand Bay where they met Arturo.  He was driving an old school bus which was pulling a box truck which had a tractor inside and the Pilot would also go inside that truck.  The plan was for Arturo to arrive at the Mexico/Guatemala border on Thursday, August 24.  Not so fast!  Hurricane Harvey, complications with the truck paper work, et cetera delayed everything.  Finally, on Tuesday, September 5, we met Arturo at the Burger King in Chimaltenango and officially received our “new” vehicle.  It came to us just like it was when it was loaded into the truck in Grand Bay on 8/21.  God is good!
Wait, how about the rest of the story?  Remember the borrowed twelve thousand dollars?  On Friday morning, August 25, my dad sent word for me to call him.  He told me that someone had given him a check designated for the purchase of our vehicle.  I was grateful thinking any amount would help.  I asked “who” and he said that he could not say at that time.  I then asked the obvious question of “how much?”  His reply, “only ten thousand dollars!”  Total silence on my end of the phone.  Dad says, “why are you crying?”  I replied, “I am not crying!”  However, the tears of absolute surprise and joy were quickly washing all of my just applied make up from my face.  God had just shown up and He had shown out!  How else can you explain it?  We acted “by faith” and God honored that.  He obviously blessed a family and they in turn blessed our ministry.  He is an amazing God we are serving!
So, I want to publicly say “thank you” to the anonymous family who provided these funds as our Honda Pilot has now been paid for in full.  I want to shout from this mountain, “glory to God!”  “Now faith means putting our full confidence in the things we hope for, it means being certain of things we cannot see.”By 

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