Written by Tess Scholz

As Soy, Deidra, their kids and myself sat around the dinner table last night, Deidra asked me what have been the highlights from my trip and what has been most difficult.  As I sat and reflected on her question, only positive memories from this time flooded my mind.  I am so thankful that my season here in Guatemala was not a refining season. I know they are necessary, but they are not my favorite.  It was definitely a growing season, where God was teaching me and speaking to me, but it was not a hard season. So here are some of my highlights from the last 2.5 months in Guatemala…

  1. Getting to know the kids at the feeding center… They are absolutely precious!
  2. Helping to build a literacy program at the feeding center
  3. Watching the kids fall in love with reading
  4. Worshipping Jesus with the kids at the feeding center
  5. Finding a good friend in Deidra
  6. Mentoring some of the younger Guatemalan teachers at the feeding center
  7. All the laughs with my roomie Kendall
  8. Living in a home with breathtaking views of Guatemala that reminds me every day of how perfectly God cares for me.
  9. Teaching English at My Special Treasure
  10. Walking the villages where our students live just to just say hi or pass out food
  11. Knowing every day that God wanted me in Guatemala and that it was His absolute highest for me in this season of my life… It’s always so beautiful knowing you are in the center of His will!

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