Hilachas and Block Party!

This past week has been busy with our normal ministries along with assisting to serve the people affected by the volcano.  Soy spent Wednesday at El Rodeo helping a team with Clubhouse Guatemala.  They worked through the church to have a medical clinic, food distribution, and a Block Party.  Soy was very impressed with the loving spirit among the team and how they took the time to share the gospel with 300 families.  Thank you to Mike Parker for allowing us to be part of his ministry.

El Rodeo has been without water since June 3rd!  Today I was told that the government is hoping to have the water lines repaired in about 6 months.  The fact there has been very little rain during the month of July doesn’t help matters.  Teresa Lara and five other helpers prepared a soup called Hilachas for 500 people.  This was a huge treat as the people have to use the water wisely which means they are limited with food choices.  The soup was a tomato based filled with meat and vegetables.  They worked hard all day to cook the meal over an open fire.  The temperature in El Rodeo reminded us of the Alabama heat–in Lizzi’s words “It was steamin’ hot!”

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