Burger King!

One of the changes made at the feeding center has been keeping close record of attendance.  Attendance in school is not madatory so perfect attedance seems to be difficult for the feeding center also.  In June my dad told the kids that he would take eveyone with perfect attendnce during July to Burger King for Lunch.  All of the sudden, perfect attendance became very important to them!  Let’s just say the percentage of kids missing one day decreased drastically.  We spent Wednesday and Thursday taking 90 kids to enjoy a hamburger, fries, drink, and a toy at Burger King.  Can you imagine being a customer enjoying a nice, quiet lunch when 45 kids walk through the door?  The kids were extremely well behaved and enjoyed every single minute of it.  For the vast majority of them, it was their very first time to ever eat at Burger King.  I asked one of the 10 year boys is it was his first time to eat at Burger King–He laughed and said “No this is my second time!”  They left carrying their “Happy Meal” boxes, a toy, and a Burger King hat.  (My dad thought maybe 40 kids total would have perfect attendance!  His check book would’ve been happier if he had promised them an ice cream cone only!)

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