Thank you all again for your support with the library. So many of you have been so faithful to go and buy a few of your childhood favorite books to send to Guatemala!  I cannot tell you how it has been such a joy to watch these kids fall in love with reading! Every child now has a book bag with three books of their choice.  They are able to visit the “library” once a week.  We have a time for silent reading every day and it is overwhelming to just sit back and watch these kids devour books!  Just the other day the students had the option of “fun” activities or picking up a book and reading.  I cannot tell you how many kids decided to read over the other activities.  They shared with me that they have never had books like this before in their lives and that they really do love to read!  My heart was undone by this, because I know Jesus and education will literally change these kids’ destinies forever!  This is exactly what is happening at the Feeding Center!


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