Meet Nehemias!

Nehemias enjoyed a kid’s meal at Burger King this past Wednesday.  The children are required to eat all of their food at the feeding center, but Nehemias asked permission to save his remianing food.  When he was questioned about why he didn’t want to eat all of the food, his response was “I will give half to my brother.”  I opened the box and there was a half-eaten hamburger wrapped back into the paper and half of the fries.  It was very obvious that his intention from the beginning was to save exactly half of his food.  His very first time to eat at Burger King and he chose to share with his brother.  A $4 kid’s meal was worth every penny!

Nehemias is a smiling, playful seven year old boy.  He is extremely dramatic when he sings every song during music time.  Nehemias is constantly smiling and having a great time with whatever activity he is involved in.  He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

Thank you Wendy Johnston for supporting Nehemias!

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