Shopping for School!

The school calendar for the children in Guatemala is from January through October.  All of you know the time to buy school supplies for the children in the U.S. is July and August.  School supplies can be bought in Guatemala but they do not have the great deals found in the states.  Many stores have crayons, scissors, markers, glue, colored pencils, erasers, pens, etc.  on sale during this time.  I have kept a close inventory on the items we currently have and the number of items we need.  Maybe you no longer have children in school, but you miss buying all of the school supplies!?  This would be a perfect opportunity for you.  This would also be a great way for a church or school to help others.  We will give each child the needed school supplies in December so there is plenty of time.  If you are able to donate school supplies please email me so I can know the amount needed.

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