March 9th

Note:  This post was written on Friday.  Due to a broken phone, no access to my personal computer, and forgetting my password, I am posting two days late.  Sorry!

Yesterday, I walked out of the house at 8:30 am and returned home at 8:30 pm.  It was a busy, but productive day.  We ended the night with a dinner for a couple of the local principals where the.children attend.  I am trying hard to understand the academic needs of  the students and the education system of Guatemala.  They ate a wonderful southern meal thanks to my mom.  As always she cooked enough to feed everyone in Guatemala, but they were grateful.  Many of my questions were answered, and it helps me to know which areas I need to focus on.  Lazaro did an excellent job of translating and being patient with all of my questions.

Cropwell Baptist, led by Andy Hadley, joined us at the feeding center yesterday.  They were so gracious to help in any way possible.  Their interaction with the children was tremendous.  We are looking forward to working with them more next year.

Cropwell Baptist graciously cooked 500 pancakes for the My Special Treasure School.  The pancakes were pretty much perfect and worth bragging about.  This morning my mom and I feed 150 kids 500 pancakes, 378 sausages, and 25 pounds of black beans.  Those kids had a happy Friday!

The directors of My Special Treasure School, Luis and Vanessa, asked me to share a prayer request for them.  I am simply copying the request sent to me.

We write this email to ask for your support in prayer; one of our third grade students, Antony Ramos Montoya is in the nephrology area of Roosevelt Hospital, (he is 9 years old), however, they performed an operation to change the catheter for dialysis, the doctors do not give much hope of life for Antony and for us it is very sad to receive this news so we ask you to pray a lot, Antony is an orphan and his older sister Cecilia is who takes care of him, a year and a half ago one of Anthony’s brothers was killed. They are a family that has suffered a lot.

Will you join us in praying?

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