March 20th

30 Days!  We have focused on the children at the GRACE feeding center for 30 days.  Honestly,  I thought it would take us only the month of February to have things organized and running the best way for us.  I thought it would only take a few weeks to figure out a way to manage 55 kids each day ranging from ages 4 to 12.  I was wrong!  It wasn’t until last week that we felt like we could take a breath.

I can remember when I first started teaching constantly praying that God would give me favor with my co-workers, students, and parents.  I had received proper training but nothing truly prepares you for teaching.  In my opinion, experience is the best teacher.  I grow from change.  Although there are times it would be much easier to stay complacent.  I grow from making mistakes.  I grow from asking a lot of questions.  I grow from listening to the advice of others.

Over the past six weeks, I have laughed and cried at how it feels as if it is my first year of teaching.  Once again I find myself praying God will give me favor with my co-workers, the children, and the parents.  I was confident in my teaching ability until I stood in front of 108 children who all speak Spanish. The fears of not being successful can become my focus.

However, I find a peace in knowing that God is faithful to complete the good work that He starts.  I find peace in knowing that He does not expect perfection but obedience.  I find peace in knowing that we are in God’s will for our lives.  I find peace in knowing that He provides grace.


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