If you follow SLAM on Instagram, you have seen the pictures of the children using computers this past week!  For the past week, the children have enjoyed a basic typing game on the computers.  We placed the computers in a station so the children used them for about 20 minutes each.  However, we have the children divided in to “older” and “younger” groups to help differentiate academic learning.  The younger kids were not too thrilled about no computers so they will enjoy the computers after Easter.  For the vast majority of the children, it was the very first time to ever use a computer.  I liked being able to use the computer for a student who struggles in math with basic addition fluency.  It makes learning a bit more fun.  Each person who purchased a computer or financially supports the feeding center deserves a big “Thank You”!  There are 110 excited kids!

The Long Avenue Baptist Team led by Norman Hammock brought a suitcase of supplies for the feeding center.  At the last minute I asked them to bring Easter egg dye and they graciously did so.  Everything is greatly appreciated.

How are our girls doing?  Lizzi loves school!  She loves her friends and teacher.  She made straight A’s on her report card and she doesn’t even speak Spanish!  We laughed about it as we know the teacher was just being very gracious.  Sydney has done wonderful since returning in January.  She loves eating black beans and guacamole!  We are thinking she may choose to live in Guatemala for the long run.  Audrey is still spoiled as our babysitter caters to her every need.  We did ask our babysitter to stop feeding Audrey since she is 3 years old, but we are certain the babysitter is not listening to us!

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