November 1st

Lizzi has been asking about how Guatemala celebrates Halloween!  She likes the costumes, candy, and Hallelujah festival.  We spend all day teaching classes on Tuesday so we promised to celebrate today.  November 1st is Dia de Muertes so it seemed as if everyone in Guatemala was celebrating.  We enjoyed painting $1.50 gourds, costumes, roasting marshmallows, and a kite festival–with a million other people.  The girls were happy today.

Tom Compagner they had a pig roast at the kite festival too.  We thought about you!

For the past several weeks we have been able to spend some time with the youth from the church.  Soy made a “sacrifice” and took three of the guys to the movies.  The movie was a first time experience for one of the guys.  The city and the mall was a new experience for all of them.  The mall would be equivalent to the Galleria in Birmingham.  The small things such as elevators, escalators, pool tables, etc are all new experiences.

This past Sunday I taught English to the girls through cooking.  They made pancakes on a full size stove.  I realize how spoiled I am when they are intrigued with the cooking spray.  Notice in the picture, Astrid used the entire pan for one pancake.  I quickly told her we were on a time schedule and she had to cook more than one at a time.

If you are always looking for things to bring with you to Guatemala for the kids, now is a great time to buy face paint, tattoos, small toys, at a clearance price.  The kids are always entertained with face paint and fingernail polish.  Mandy Bowling–I highly recommend the face paint crayons for the Danville team!

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