November 20th

We were able to be part of the baptismal service yesterday with GRACE Community Church.

Cristobol and Rosa are a sweet couple with four small boys.  A team from Alabama built a house for this family.  During the dedication of the house, the team presented the gospel to the couple and they both became followers of Christ.


In August, Esvin became a follower of Christ after my dad preached at the church.  He was living a life that leads to destruction.  His wife described him as a miracle.  He has the same spiritual birthday as several people from Michigan and Alabama.


Saul and Dayana are siblings who are very involved in the church.  They are involved in our English classes and we love them dearly.

After the baptism, everyone stayed and swam at the water park.  Kids everywhere and no floaties (my kids wore floaties).  A lot of the teenagers were able to slide down the “big” slide where Soy caught them and pushed them to the shallow part.

The construction workers at the feeding center enjoyed fried chicken lunch on Friday.  Soy was so nice to cook it for them!


Audrey’s first visit to a Guatemala dentist.  Thankfully, she did great and never shed a tear!   Thank you Danville Baptist for the limitless supply of candy!




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