November 15th

Wow!  What a fast, but great week!  A trip with two Eddie and Teddie means you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.    Lizzi’s highlight was celebrating her 6th birthday with a cake and pinata at the the feeding center followed by a family dinner at Pizza Hut.

We were able to spend some time with friends as Glendy and Lazaro joined us for breakfast and Benjamin Labriel’s  family joined us for supper.  It was a good time for fellowship.

My paternal grandparents, Charles and Carolyn, provided the funds for us to build two houses.  On Saturday, Eddie, Teddie, and Soy started building the houses around 7 am and they were dedicating them before 3 pm.  My Aunt Sue gets props for building perfect doors and windows.  They built two houses with concrete floors for two happy families.  The families were also blessed with extra food for the family.

We are planning to feed the children at the feeding center a delicious Thanksgiving lunch.  Thankfully, Aunt Sue made enough cornbread dressing to feed 100 people and my mom made the sweet potato casseroles.  All I have to do is cook them!

We were able to bless two families with food as a surprise.  Danville Baptist blessed a single mother with five precious girls by building a house for them in October.  Eddie and Sue were able to visit the family and see why they are so easy to love.  The families are extremely grateful.

We blessed the people at the El Tejar dump with peanut butter sandwiches and cookies right before leaving for Guatemala city.

Of course, Eddie, Sue, and my mom ministered through investing in the economy too!

We are extremely grateful!

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