Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have ever given financially to our ministry, then you were a part of the three Thanksgiving dinners this past week.  We had a busy week as we fed approximately 170 people over the past three days.  We fed 45 students and family members from our English and computer classes, 15 construction workers, 90 children at the feeding center, and 20 workers/volunteers from the feeding center.  They had a very rich meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole (Lisa Turrentine), cornbread dressing (Sue Turrentine), cranberry sauce, pumpkin cake, and sweet tea.  They did not leave hungry and they were smiling as they left the table.  My mom and Aunt Sue brought me pretty turkey plates and napkins for the meals.  Many of the kids did not use the turkey napkins but chose to take them home! A huge “thank you” to each person who played a part in the meal.



One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I think I may see our Edson’s head in one of the thanksgiving dinner pics at the feeding center. Please give him a huge hug from miss Jennifer, Mr Paul, Dylan and Kenzie in Michigan. Tell him we love him and are thankful for him and his family.

    We are also so thankful for you and your ministry. Many hugs and prayers!!!!


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