August 9th

It was made possible for me to fly home to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday!  My dad, Soy, and I were the only ones who knew about the trip and it was worth keeping the secret.  I surprised my mom at the airport as it took her several minutes to get the shocked look off of her face.  My grandmother cried and my grandfather asked “Where are the girls?”  The fourth person I saw on Friday afternoon was Jason Husband!  “Oh My Goodness!”  The month of June is a bit of a blur as we were finishing jobs, packing, cleaning out the house, and saying good-byes.  We left with a lot of loose ends, and we are certain our landlords talked about us!  Thankfully I was able to get a few additional things accomplished.

I met Brad and Daphne’s new son, Asher, for the first time.  Ms. Annie delivered cranberry juice and cookies for me to take to Guatemala.  My grandmother made homemade chicken and dumplings.  I worshipped with my church family.  It was a good weekend.

Of course everyone’s first question is “Who’s taking care of the girls?”  Last week Soy was very excited about receiving over 90 cans of Spaghetti-Os and Ravioli because it meant they could eat while I was in Alabama.  Mrs. Jan and the team were kind enough to feed them one night.  He has survived and the girls have a blast when he is in charge.  They enjoy pajamas, popcorn, and movies everyday!  Soy did take them to church in matching clothes and their hair was even brushed!  Hopefully, Soy will be able to catch up with me in language school since I took off this week!

We do not miss the Alabama heat and humidity!







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