August 23rd

As Soy and I moved to Guatemala our driving force was to be in complete obedience to the Lord.  We definitely feel we are in the center of God’s will for our lives.
Getting our feet wet by working with some of the teams, learning some customs (with a lot more to learn) and going to language school five afternoons each week have consumed much of our time.
However, as we have done these various things, we have continually asked God to reveal Himself to us in exactly what He wants us to do in service.  Obviously, we want to be directly involved in leading folks to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and in making disciples.
So, we have leaned on Nationals here in whom we have much confidence to help us know how to break the cycle of poverty that exists for so many of the Guatemalans we come in contact with every day.  In order to break this cycle of poverty then they need something different than what they presently have.  What?  We are told that it helps tremendously if they can learn to speak English and/or get a degree from a university and/or have a working knowledge of computers.  We quickly realized that we can help with two of three – helping them learn English and learning computers.  In turn those two could possibly help achieve the third – a degree from a university.  These things will provide us an opportunity to build relationships, share Christ and make disciples.  Perfect!
Unfortunately the public schools in Guatemala cannot afford to have computers in the class rooms for the students.  So, we feel led to purchase computers that will be used to help us teach the students in the higher grades at the My Special Treasure school in Chimaltenango.  We will also partner with Lazaro Suruy to teach the older students involved in the feeding center ministry on GRACE Mountain.
To be perfectly honest, we have been blessed with wonderful supporters since we arrived in Guatemala on June 14.  However, we have only been here for a little over two months and do not have adequate funds available to purchase the number of computers needed to get this ministry up and going.  So, we are giving others the opportunity to be involved by helping provide the funds to purchase these computers.  A basic computer will cost in the neighborhood of $350.  Ideally, we would like to purchase ten (10) to begin this ministry but will begin with a lesser number as they become available.
If you would be willing to purchase a computer(s) then you can make a check made payable to S.L.A.M.  and mail it to P.O. Box 513 Grand Bay, AL 36541.  Simply write “computer” on the memo line and it will be spent exclusively for that purpose.  You can also give online and just leave a message specifying it is for computers.
You may not be able to give enough to fully purchase a computer and we completely understand that.  However, you may can give something i.e. $5, $25, $100, et cetera.  Please know that any, and all, gifts, regardless of the amount, will be deeply appreciated.
All gifts to S.L.A.M. are tax deductible and will be receipted at the end of 2017 and/or the first of 2018.
We are very excited about this opportunity and are believing it will be well received by the students and their parents.  We hope you join in sharing that excitement.
If you have questions or need more information please contact us personally.  Thank you for considering this request.

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