August 14th

We had a good day at church yesterday!  The girls are adjusting better but Sydney is not adjusting to the loud music.  We are thinking noise-canceling headphones may be the answer!  The church had their first “dinner on the ground” as each family brought food to share with others–Tostados, Coffee, Cookies, and Tamales.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  This morning we will meet with Lazaro and Glendy to talk about ways we can help serve and disciple the families in the church.

One of the ladies from the church had a new baby girl on July 29th.  Her son, Angel, has been involved in the feeding center for the past several years.  Their one room dirt floor house keeps them out of the rain, but it is not in the best condition.  It is a rented room attached to a church, and the church did provide a week’s worth of electricity when she had the baby.  Since it is located on the outskirts of the town, water is hard to carry from the central location.  Aaron was able to bless them with some staples and treats.  Besides a small can of Spam, there was not any food in the house.  The kids were thrilled as they pulled the food out of the bags. They loved the cereal.  The funds have been provided for them to move to a better room on Wednesday with better living conditions and access to water.  Lazaro and Glendy, the directors and pastor of the feeding center, have been burdened about the situation for weeks.  They truly have a heart for the people they serve.


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