Esvin’s Family

If you are part of the Friendship family then you should be familiar with the story of Esvin’s family.  Several months ago, Esvin’s father was not able to find work forcing them to move from the room they were renting.  They own a small piece of land, but do not have the funds to build an appropriate house.  There is a “shelter” on the land where the chickens would sleep.  For two months, the family was forced to share the house with the chickens.  Lazaro was made aware of the need in July and the need was communicated to the Friendship family.  Some of you were obedient in helping this family receive a house and two new bunk beds.  Esvin celebrated his 11th birthday in his new house!   They are thrilled!

Click on the link below to veiw a short video about Esvin’s family:

Esvin’s Video

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